Wine shops closed in lockdown, addict dependent upon local dope.

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Agra 16 April 2020.      Piyush Sharma

Agra. Suddenly enforcement of lockdown by the government and than extension till 3May has increased the heartbeats of alcohol addicts. Alcohol lovers were expecting some relaxation for wine shops regarding their reopening in lockdown but disappointment occurred. Many fake news regarding the opening of wine shops in lockdown period going viral these days. Now Alcohol lovers found new way by trying alcohol substitute in form of local dope like “ganja, Bhang, tablets etc. These local toxics are easily available in the market with comparatively low price. In recent days cops arrested few gangs involve in trading of these illegal local toxic agents, similarly police caught people selling alcohol in black. Secondly the new allotment of wine shops usually takes place in last week of march which didn’t happen this time due to lockdown , wine shop owners also worried for their remaining dump stocks in the shop.

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