Basic medical services on ventilator, doctors seek clear guidelines by administration

Piyush Sharma (chief Correspondent)

Agra. In absence of clear guidelines from the administration basic medical services in the city fails to come on track even after a month. Due to negligence of private hospitals over half dozen patients have already lost their lives. Patients of the city and outside wandering for the basic treatments. Patients suffering from heart disease, kidney, cancer and many more are dependent upon the telephonic consultation, which is not enough in many cases. Although administrations has deputed the dedicated hospitals for the different medical emergencies but still patients has a complaint that hospitals are not cooperating at all. Talking to INDIATIMES24 former IMA secretary Dr O P Yadav said “now it’s a season of pediatric diseases like diarrhoea , food poisoning, malaria etc and due to no clear guidelines or complicated guidelines it is very difficult to provide treatment to the patients. To run a small hospital of around 5 beds will cost you 10k per day for only covid-19 kit for a minimum staff of four running cost extra like electricity, salaries, maintenance he added. As per Dr Yadav administration should give some leniency in the protocol for treatment of normal/ emergency non covid-19 patients in corona scenario.There are over 600 hospitals and clinics provides healthcare services in the city

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