Agra after Lockdown 3.0? Here is the answer..!

Agra Piyush Sharma (Chief Correspondent)
After 55 days of lockdown what next? How would be Agra? Everything would be same like 55 days ago or not? Yes here the answers of your doubts.

As PM Modi had cleared in his statement while addressing the country few days back that the Lockdown 4.0 would be entire different from last three lockdown so these may be the possibilities in lockdown 4.0 to provide some relaxation for Tajnagari.
1- School and colleges would remain closed possibly by June.
2- No relaxation for Mall, gym, restaurant, swimming pool etc. to reduce the chance of community infection spread
3- Congested markets may get permission to open by odd even formula
4- Mask, social/ physical distancing would be mandatory in absence of which Challan/ penalty would take place
5- Sec 144 would remain applicable to control the mass
6- No permission for any party, functions till further order
7- Hotspots won’t get any relaxations
8- Private and commercial transportations may allow with some rules and regulations
9- Initially timings of the market might be restricted
10- Train, buses and flights won’t be permitted till next revision of the situation

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