Is Agra poised to become the Orange Zone…..!


Piyush Sharma (chief correspondent)
Agra. Decreasing numbers of new positive cases and increasing numbers of recovered/ Discharged patients do a sign for Tajnagari to become an orange zone? The answer is “YES” As a result of proper planning and strictness in lockdown the numbers of positive cases have been restricted under 10/ day whereas the average of discharged or recovered patients reached approx. over 15/day. Now the under-treatment patients are around 75 only. If the same scenario will remain for the next 3-4 days than the city might be declared as ORANGE zone that attracts the more comfortable lockdown. Local administration has already taken some steps to convert city from red to orange zone like reducing the area of hotspots, containment zones, increasing the number of COVID-19 hospitals, strictness in lockdown, making people aware about social distancing and mask etc. after lockdown 3.0

Many people claimed on social media that administration has reduced the testing, as a result, the numbers of new cases have decreased suddenly they also claiming that there might be some tempering in the published figures BUT in the absence of any strong proof INDIATIMES24 does not support these claims.

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