FM TADKA taken a giant step in promoting original independent music.

India’s innovation-driven radio network FM Tadka has now taken a giant step in promoting original independent music.
The Rajasthan Patrika group’s 18 city network has announced Tadka M.I.C, Musicians Independent Collective, a like-minded array of musicians who will actively promote original independent music where FM Tadka will play their songs in an exclusive fashion.
Each hour through the day the playlist will have special sweeps and new song launches will be promoted on the radio, digital, and print platforms of the Patrika group.
Artist brief-
Gajendra Veram of ‘Tera Ghata’ fame; Shahid Mallya of ‘Ikk Kudi’ and ‘Main toh mar gaya oye’; ‘Kabhi neem neem’ singer Madhushree; Krishna Beaura who has sung ‘Maula mere le le meri jaan’; Music director due Abhishek Amol are just a few names from the music industry who are happy to be part of Tadka M.I.C
FM Tadka has committed properties like Tadka Kalakaar, Tadka Jamm Studio and Tadka Soul Studio. Tadka MIC is yet another step in making music talk.

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