Online gambling trending at lockdown in TAJNAGARi

Agra. Agraites getting involve in online gambling to reduce the lockdown pressure. Either its 90’s popular game “LUDO” or newly launched online video games both are attracting Agraites to spend their time in lockdown. ANJALI (changed name) resident of kamla nagar spends her 4-5 hours daily as a time pass during lockdown due to covid-19 pandemic. As per the sources now a day’s online ludo game is in high demand in the city where four players (people) can play this game online. The bat starts from 200 till 5000 Rs , winner of the particular game will get 90% of the amount i.e if you play for 100 rs if u win the game you will get 90 rs and if you lose you have to pay 110 rs . The amount is being transferred via payment app like paytm , google pay etc. the admin or the handler of the group offer 24 hours play time. Both genders are enjoying these kinds of games as interesting time pass during lockdown. Similarly some big online gaming companies like..L are advertising continuously on electronic channels to promote online games where a player wins big amount after wining the game. as per the sources this online gaming worth over 10 lakhs rupees per day in the city

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