Human behavior may occur changes after corona pandemic: Experts

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Piyush Sharma (Chief Correspondent) 

Agra. The entire world is waiting to get rid of corona pandemic as thousands of lives been sacrificed due to this new virus. But in future when the death rates will become zero than will be able to say yes we defeated corona fully? Now we are not affected with virus anymore? Everything is like earlier now? These kinds of questions are coming in peoples mind that what would happen after win on this deadly virus. As per the health and human behavior experts these following changes may takes place in most of the people’s life after winning on covid-19.
– People may follow the social distancing for too long
– Greeting style might be changed from shake hand to “HYE” (verbally) and Namaste
– Mask may be added in the daily attire
– Normal flu may make people panic
– Hand washing in regular interval may add into normal habits
– Sanitization value and its importance may increase

Except these changes there may be some other physiological and behavioral changes may feel by every individual. Expert says that these changes would be helpful for society to face these kinds of issues in future and these changes would be worthy for humans

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