Supply of non-essential commodities by E-Commerce companies may remain prohibited during lockdown period: Source

Agra Breaking


Piyush Sharma (Chief correspondent)

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) may declare that supply of non-essential goods by e-commerce companies would remain prohibited during the nationwide lockdown, which is meant to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. This might comes at a time when e-commerce firms were getting themselves ready to deliver products to customers in areas that do not fall under COVID-19 hotspots from April 20, as per guidelines issued by the MHA last week. The nationwide lockdown in India, initially meant for a period of 21 days, has been extended till May 3 as COVID-19 cases in the country continue to rise. Under the first phase of lockdown between March 24 and April 14, the Centre had only allowed delivery of essential goods, including food, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment through e-commerce platforms. Online food delivery by private companies may also be restricted in Agra after found pizza delivery boy covid-19 positive.

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