Why corona spread so rapidly in TajNagari, where administration lacked


Agra. After around 40 days of lockdown local administration invited suggestions of localities to control rapid spread of corona virus over phone. Many of Agraites appreciating the effort but lets try to understand why administration took this step? , What makes administration bound to take public opinion on this major issue?

Possible factors why corona became uncontrollable –

Overconfidence on Agra model ? The first thought came in mind that might be local administration became lethargic and overconfident after praising Agra model nation wide and forgot that it was a initial stage of pandemic.

Lack of coordination- there were no coordination seen between health department and local administration. This may be the biggest reason that Agra in a red zone now days.

Public representatives negligence – except one or two none of the public representative came forward to help local administration in initial phase, although they were well known about the nature of city.

Zero in disaster management – Nor any of the administrative officer or public representative seems like experts or capable enough to handle this disaster

Why administration invited suggestions
After so much criticism of local authorities on the failure to control corona in city might be administration has used a tool to involve local people as a damage control policy. People even requested state government to change the high officials of local authorities, as they were not competent enough to handle the situation.

Sources of administration says that number of cases has been increased due to the speedy testing which was really required at this stage

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