Why wine shops allowed to reopen? Answer to critics

Piyush Sharma (Chief Correspondent)


Agra. Today a big debate going viral on social media regarding the MHA decision to reopen the wine shops in entire country (except red zone/ contaminated areas). Many people looking against the decision to reopen wine shops whereas other important trade establishments are still closed due to lockdown restrictions. Lets try to understand which factors might had taken by the government behind allowing wine shops to reopen


1-              Economy needs liquidity in market to reestablish the economical growth gradually

2-              Alcohol beverages related business gives over 20,000 Cr to UP state government

3-              After imposing ban on wine shops during lockdown, sale of adulterated alcohol (wine /spirit) gone very high

4-              Due to unviability of wine addicts were started taken drugs, injections, cough syrups etc. that could have lead to number of deaths in the states. Indiatimes24 had warned the Agra administration on the same for full news click on: https://indiatimes24.com/200/

5-              Distilleries were bound to dispose their ready products due to high cost of preserve

6-              Since morning many of photos and videos going viral and showing the number of people standing in queue and waiting for their number to buy wine. We can assume that if government holds the same situation this could have become problem to law & order.


Declaration –Indiatimes24 does not support the consumption of an alcohol this article is to make our readers/ viewers understand about the possible facts behind the decision of government to reopen the wine shops    






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