What after 17th, will lockdown resume or call back ?


Piyush Sharma (Chief Correspondent)

Agra. Many of Agraites have a same question in their mind … what after 17th will government resume this lockdown as lockdown 4 or it will be called back. These few possibilities may occur after 17th May.

1-              should not expect a lifestyle like 2 months back

Green Zone

2-              Government may allow all daily routine operations with social distancing (sorry physical distancing) in all green zones with some restrictions like physical distancing, sec 144 etc..

-Can’t expect schools to be reopen

-Sec 144 expected

Orange Zone

3-              Orange Zone may get allow for necessary routine operations (except activities like restaurant, Gym, bar, mall etc.)

-Hotspots might not have these liberties

-Business activities may get permission to restart with minimum number of staff

– Physical distancing, sec 144 etc. may apply

Red Zone

4-              Red Zone might have to face a short period of lockdown 4 again with much more liberty as compare to lockdown 3

–                 Physical distancing, sec 144 may not waived off



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