A Young doctor took the responsibility to make people away from Covid-19

Piyush Sharma
(Principal Correspondent)
Agra.Dr Neharika Malhotra of Agra has initiated a campaign for educating agraiets “how to keep ourselves safe by Covid-19” by distributing masks, sanitizers, etc.

Mask Pehno, Hath Dho, Dur Raho
मास्क पहनो , हाथ धोओ , दूर रहो

Haven’t we really hear this 24/7 on all media platforms for the past 6 months but somewhere it is still lacking.
Coronavirus brought our lives to a standstill since March 2020.
Virus that emerged from animals kept spreading fast from person to person all over the world affecting all age groups. The only effective way of prevention known is wearing a mask, maintain social distancing, and frequent hand sanitizing/washing.
Talking to INDIATIMES24 Dr. Neharika Malhotra said “We all are still trying to understand this virus and making a vaccine. We understand that the transmission of this virus is less than 2% if both people in contact wear a mask”
SMRITI has come forward to bring “Save Agra Drive” after seeing a large number of cases in our city and poor compliance with our public. This drive will be done by our SMRITI members who will distribute masks to all people seen on the road roaming without it on 2nd October 2020. Our aim is to especially educate the underprivileged, Beggers, fruit, and vegetable vendors on prevention protocols.
‘our team would also be distributing free sanitizers to all fruit and vegetable sellers. We will also give a small oxygen spray cans to elderlies on the road’ said by Dr. Neharika Malhotra
Smriti NGO has always aimed to join hands with all to increase our impact and we are thankful that so many associations have joined us for this drive. We thank Rotary Club Agra, Global Rainbow Healthcare, Renuka Dang, Ashu Mittal, India Times 24, Air6, Arrick Healthcare, and all others for coming forward for the safety of our city.

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