Covid 19 will be more deadly in winters : Health experts

Piyush Sharma (Principal correspondent)
Agra. If you are thinking that as in the last few days, there has been a slight decline in the statistics of the Corona infects in the country, so corona is about to leave then you may be wrong According to health experts, this virus will become more powerful and dangerous when the temperature will decrease in coming days.
If considered by experts, this virus becomes very weak above 40 degrees and dormant above 60-70 degrees, but the virus will be much stronger as winter knocks due to various reasons such as non-adherence to social distancing in the festive season, increased pollution levels around Diwali, exceed microparticles in the atmosphere, due to burning of stubble, etc. This time may prove to be the most dangerous for patients with respiratory and lung problems.
Many health experts are also assuming that the virus has not seen cold weather in India yet because its spreads in India started mainly from February, which is generally considered to be the last month of winter if the virus stays lasts, from November to February it can create a ruckus. What are the solutions
1. Don’t forget the social distancing in the festival hangout
2. Do not leave the house without wearing a mask
3. Always keep sanitizer together, clean hands after touching any surface
4. Take hot water, brew, steam regular
5. Take special care of respiratory and lung patients.
6. You can also use Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines to increase immunity.
7. Eat nutritious food
8. In case of any type of symptoms, immediately contact the administration or hospital.

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