Bloom Diwali shopping festival attracted Agraiets, shopping fanciers enjoyed a lot.

Piyush Sharma (Chief Correspondent)

Before the festival of Diwali, Bloom gave a special shopping opportunity for the shopping lovers of Tajnagari. Many entrepreneurs of the country presented with excellent products at the shopping festival
Agra. Bloom, a well-known company of the city, once again gave the town’s people a chance to laugh and enjoy life, out of fear of Corona. Bloom’s shopping festival has everything from designer clothes to fashion and household items at a very low cost. Gloom’s MD Rimpi Jain and Pooja Oberoi said that the shopping festival was organized on the Prime Minister’s Local for Vocal theme where the country’s emerging talents have given a chance to showcase their talents. While the elders showed their skills in this shopping festival, the children have also exhibited their creativity by showing Glitter jars, lamps, rangolis made during the lockdown period and looted the applause of the visitors. in the shopping festival, when on the one hand, companies have got a crowd of customers after the lockdown, on the other hand, the customers have also got good quality products at very low prices. The program was inaugurated by the city’s famous personalities Poonam Sachdeva, Babita Chauhan, Renu Nanda, Rajshri Mishra.

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