Youth confused in selection of covid-19 vaccine, rumour’s side effects.

Piyush Sharma (special correspondent)
Agra. After the second deadly wave of covid-19 now vaccination drive seems to reach its highest peak. Online slots getting full in few minutes, long rows in vaccination centers but still many people (especially youth) is confused in the selection of covid-19 vaccine among COVISHIELD , COVAXIN, and SPUTNIK-V.
Talking to INDIATIMES24 a 43 years old businessman Ashish said that earlier he was not ready to get vaccinated but now when he made up his mind he is confused among three vaccines. 35 years old working woman Mrs. Singh said I was looking for COVISHIELD but her team members insist her to opt for COVAXIN but she is not getting slots for covaxin. On the other end, many more are waiting for SputnikV and the upcoming pfizer vaccine. ‘People should avoid rumors specially non-verified which are getting viral on different social media platforms, all three vaccines are effective against covid-19 and their effects very much depend upon every individual’s lifestyle, immunity and many other factors said by the medical experts while talking to Indiatimes24.

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