Are u suffering from dengue or normal viral? Here is the answer..! A very small percentage of dengue cases land up into collapse: Dr Ankur Goyal

Agra. The entire region is now a day facing the most deadly ever Dengue. Most of the deaths are because of the unawareness and carelessness of the people. INDIATIMES24 had a word with Dr Ankur Goyal (Professor and Head of the Department of Microbiology in S N Medical College Agra).
Here is some important part of the conversation to understand this life-threatening dengue.
Q-How can we differentiate between normal viral and dengue?
A-In a normal language viral infection means viral respiratory infection, however, dengue is also a type of viral infection. Usually, viral respiratory infection presents with abrupt (sudden/unexpected) onset of symptoms like fever, chills, sore throat, nonproductive cough, pain in joints/muscles, headache, and un-comfortableness. While In the case of dengue the most of the symptoms remain viral with skin rashes and some problems in the eyes may occur.
Q-what specific symptoms occur if anybody has D-2 strain for dengue?
A-there are no specific symptoms of D-2 strain. Actually, the Dengue virus has 4 different kinds of strain all 4 strains are closely related. Infection with one strain may give you lifelong immunity for that particular strain, however; it also causes the development of cross-immunity for other strains.
Q- If the patient reaches to doctor on time what are the chances of collapse rate?
A-most of the dengue fever resolves uneventfully without much complication. In very few cases its turns out in severe dengue fever or dengue hemorrhagic fever. Out of all dengue hemorrhagic manifestations, very few cases turn out into shock, which results in the collapse of the patient Hemorrhagic manifestation, very few cases turn out into shock which result in the collapse of the patient

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